What is canopy thinning, and how does it help a tree?

The beauty of a healthy tree cannot be understated. Trees provide habitat for wildlife, oxygen for our atmosphere, shade us from the elements and offer us privacy from our neighbours. In return, those handsome trees you once planted in your garden need attention so they don’t become wispy blemishes on your landscape. To maintain their […]

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Understanding the benefits of tree removal service

Being a homeowner can be very overwhelming sometimes. It is always a responsibility to keep the house, yard and surrounding environment clean and beautiful. Tree Removal is something that you might have to do to keep your yard beautiful and safe. We don’t like removing trees from our yards, but sometimes trying to save a […]

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Tree trimming and removal checklist for spring

Spring in Australia means yard cleanups, grass seeding, and inspecting the damaged trees as the result of a harsh winter. Not all trees can make it through winter, some get broken limbs, or the entire tree can get damaged. As such, spring is the best time to clean up winter’s damage and prepare your yard […]

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