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We are a local tree care agency that offers reliable and professional Tree Branch Removal services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas at affordable prices.

Your search for 'tree branch removal near me' ends here. As one of the leading providers of tree services in Melbourne, our team of tree care specialists provide all the caring services your tree or hedges or landscape needs.

Be it tree removal or hedge trimming, or stump removal - our team of tree specialists provide seamless and professional tree services that are second to none. We are the one-stop solution for all your tree care needs in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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Why do you need to remove tree branches?

There are many important reasons behind tree branch removal. Professional removal of branches can allow tree branches overhanging alternate properties, gutters, pergolas or power lines to be shaped and trimmed in a way that doesn't affect the tree's health but only removes problem areas. Indiscriminate lopping of trees can bring more harm than good.

Melbourne is home to diverse weather, and its storms are known for causing damage to properties. Though you cannot control forces of nature, you surely can take actions to make your vicinity safe by removing brittle and long tree branches off your property.

Along with that, if you have your neighbour's tree branches clogging up your gutters, spreading leaves all over your entertaining area or potentially falling on your family property. In this case, we can work with you and your neighbour to create a suitable outcome that keeps you safe and your home clean.

Large branches can be heavy and unpredictable. Allow our Melbourne tree branch removal specialists to use their knowledge, expertise and the proper equipment to remove tree branches quickly and safely.

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Tree branch removal is necessary if the branch is getting too close to power lines or if it is in danger of falling onto houses or even people. Whether on privately owned land or in a space commonly used by the public, these branches need to be cut before they become a hazard. With more than ten years of experience in tree branch removal and tree surgery in metropolitan Melbourne, you can rely on professionals with more than ten years of experience to get the job done right.

Local councils, commercial property owners, and homeowners in Melbourne can benefit from SDTW's professional tree branch removal services to protect their properties from rotted or potentially harmful tree branches. By removing the hazardous branches, our experienced arborists ensure that the tree will remain healthy for many years to come. After removing a tree branch, we always clean up and are fully insured for your protection.

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The best way to verify this is to snap a twig off the very end of the branch and look at the inner timber. It is difficult to break a live tree branch because of its flexibility. The stringybark will need to be twisted and pulled. The inside of the branch is likely to be greenish in colour and moist. Whereas in a dead branch, the tip snaps off easily with no flexibility in the centre, and the inside is brown and dry.


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