Professional garden hedge trimming and pruning services in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of hedge trimming services in and around the city at affordable prices.

As a local Melbourne tree care specialist agency, Same Day Tree Works has worked on many private and commercial gardens and properties delivering once - off and regular ongoing hedge maintenance services.

Hedges are ideal to give privacy and even act as a fence, but to get the best out of them they need to be trimmed properly. Hedge trimming should be done on a regular basis for the best result, especially when the hedge is new and still growing to its preferred size.

Trimming a hedge will make it grow thicker and if it is not trimmed properly, all that top growth will mean that the middle growth will not be thick enough. The hedge will lose its aesthetic and not deliver optimal privacy to the owners.

Not all hedges need to be trimmed often. Some only grow during spring or summer and others are very slow growers, so once or twice a year is sufficient.

Our team of pruning and hedging experts are equipped with the right hedging and pruning equipment for trimming small trees, shrubs, boundary and feature hedges within and across your property boundary.

As experts in the field, we understand the value of regular and methodical pruning of garden hedges, plants including flowering plants like roses, fruit trees, shrubs and even small trees. Along with that our team also takes care to ensure your plants adhere to seasonal soil maintenance ratio and survive through the winter, ready for flourishing when the summer kicks in.

Our Services Include:

  • Professional Hedge Trimming, Shaping & Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Hedge Reduction and Reshaping
  • Palm Maintenance
  • Pest & Disease Control Services

Why Hire Us:

Professionals: We are local tree care agency that employs expert arborists, tree surgeons and gardeners that are skilled professionals with years of experience under their belt.

Right Equipment: Our team will arrive at your facility with all the tools and equipment they will require for getting the job done. Our arsenal of the latest equipment, makes our work even easier and delivers flawless results.

We Leave It Clean: When we leave your property, you will find that your property is spotless and clean. We ensure that garden waste material from pruning hedges is removed and disposed of by our team when they complete the work.

Upfront Quote, No Hidden Charges: For every job we undertake, we are upfront about the costs involved in regards to the tasks you want us to complete. We issue upfront quotes for the service of your choice, which ensures that you know the costs involved before engaging us.

We are passionate about what we do. Be it big or small, we are up for all trimming, pruning and other tree care jobs. Contact us now for a free quote and get 20% on all our trimming jobs. Get started now.

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