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Why Same Day Tree Works? 

Tree pruning and trimming is a science. It is one of the most crucial aspects of tree care and landscaping. It helps to keep the trees on your property healthy and keep the landscape in great shape. As one of the leading tree services in Melbourne, we specialise in pruning trees just the way you imagine doing it. 

Pruning trees without considering the underlying factors, can be lethal for the tree. As such, at Same Day Tree Works, we consider the aesthetic and practical aspects of the landscape and health status of a tree, before pruning it.

Tree Pruning Melbourne - A Crane Prunning a Tree in Melbourne Suburb

You will find that there are many who claim to have expertise if you search for ‘tree pruning services near me’ in Melbourne, but pruning a tree without affecting its health is easier said than done.

It is a domain that calls for the specialist hands of a Same Day Tree Works employee, in order to inspect the health of a tree and the possible safety hazards it poses to its vicinity before pruning it. Get in touch today for a free quote and assessment.

Factors Considered Before Trimming a Tree

Extent of Trimming: While trimming a tree certainly has its benefits, trimming it without mapping the impact the trim will have on the overall health of the tree, can send the tree into shock and harm its future growth. At Same Day Tree Works, our tree surgeons thoroughly inspect a tree before preparing a trimming action plan. This ensures that the growth of any tree we trim is boosted further.

Discouraging Epicormic Growth: Trimming the branches of a tree does not necessarily mean that it will stop any further growth. While some growth of branches on a trimmed tree is natural, aggressively pruned or thinned trees in urban locations can sometimes have aggressive regrowth of branches, known as Epicormic growth. With us on board, our team of tree surgeons can ensure that any Epicormic growth is avoided at all costs.

Balancing Aesthetics & Safety: A tree situated within human habitation should be periodically audited for safety in both normal and extreme weather conditions, such as storms. Along with safety, our team of arborists at Same Day Tree Works, ensures that the tree retains its aesthetic aspects, even after pruning.

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Tree Pruning - An employee pruning tree branches in Melbourne suburb

Tree Pruning in Melbourne varies as per settings and surroundings of the tree. Based on the nature of the tree and it settings and surrounding trees require varied types of pruning and trimming.

Here are some of the ways trees are pruned and trimmed:

Canopy Thinning: This type of pruning creates more light through the canopy of the tree via selective removal of limbs to preserve health. We recommend using this pruning technique, if our arborists structural inspection report detects a potential limb failure in the tree.

Deadwood Removal: Deadwoods are a natural occurrence among trees, especially in older and larger trees. Removing dead limbs, which can occur for various reasons, is important to avoid the falling of dead limbs to the ground and making the surroundings of the tree safe again. Along with that it also helps the tree to retain its shape and continue thriving.

Canopy Raising: This method of pruning trees involves removing low branches that are hanging over buildings or structures, or interfering with vehicle access. All while lifting the crown up higher, as this helps in improving light regulation below the crown.

Selective Pruning: Limbs of a tree are selectively trimmed if any specific part of the tree is interfering with cables, another tree or a building. This type of tree pruning is most often carried out to address a problem that some branches of the trees are causing.

Formative Pruning: This is a special tree pruning method reserved for juvenile trees and is conducted to set out a growth course for the tree in the years ahead. Trees that have been through formative pruning, tend to need less trimming care in the future.

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedures in Melbourne and across the world. Trees trimmed by professionals ensure a longer life for the trees and a safer environment for everyone.

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