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Factors Considered Before Pruning a Tree 

Careful inspection of a tree: While trimming a tree certainly has its benefits, trimming it without mapping the trim's impact on the tree's overall health can send the tree into shock and harm its future growth. At Same Day Tree Works, our tree surgeons thoroughly inspect a tree before preparing a trimming action plan. This ensures that the development of any tree we trim is boosted further.

Remove dead and weak branches: A tree's health and appearance are negatively affected by dead branches. It's also possible for dead and weak branches to break and fall at any time. Also, trees with crossed branches tend to have a reduction in light and airflow. Therefore, it is crucial to cut off the dead branches of trees as soon as possible.

Follow 1/3 rule of pruning: Whenever pruning is done, approximately 1/3 of wood needs to be cut. This moderate tree pruning technique promotes new growth in a balanced manner. Most of the stems are lost on the top section, allowing more light and air into the flower. This pruning technique keeps the foliage and nutrients in balance & helps the plant heal faster.

Prune your trees with sharp tools: It is necessary always to prune your trees with sharp tools. This helps in easy pruning and does not lead to any fatal complications.

Balancing Aesthetics & Safety: A tree situated within human habitation should be periodically audited for safety in normal and extreme weather conditions, such as storms. Along with protection, our team of arborists at Same Day Tree Works, ensures that the tree retains its aesthetic aspects, even after pruning.

Time to prune trees: Pruning summer-blooming trees in early spring is a great idea. Whereas you need to prune hedges and evergreen trees in early summer. A good time to prune fruit trees is late winter. However, it is possible to prune a tree at any time during the year if it is infected, diseased or dead.

Don't cover pruning wounds: Painting the wounds of a tree will make it look better. However, a paint job will not affect decay. But it is possible to spread tree diseases and pests by painting over wounds on trees. Therefore, it is better not to worry about painting the pruned area and leave it as it is.

Professional Assessment

As one of the leading professional trees pruning companies in Melbourne, we have the machinery and skills to remove all your dead wood. To improve the crown appearance and the life of the tree, dead, dying, diseased, detached, or broken branches are removed. You get more light coming through and the tree grows to its full potential. A tree's crown can produce dead wood as part of its natural life cycle, which if not removed decreases the tree's health.

With our tree pruning services, we can encourage trees to grow in a way that is both healthy and enduring. With shade trees, our services can also be used to design green structures that allow you to achieve maximum cover without blocking sunlight completely.
As well, SDTW's tree pruning process can be used to control botanical privacy screens or hedges within your garden so that visual barriers are kept within the garden, but no space is lost to natural growth.

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Pruning your trees is necessary for many reasons, including safety, aesthetics, and tree health. When branches break or die, they quickly become dangerous, especially if they fall. It is important to prune and cut back trees when their branches have grown too large or are too close to a roof or chimney, to prevent damage to your home. From an aesthetic perspective, pruning can make a tree look more appealing and improve your horizon view.


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