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Specialist Tree Care Services Melbourne

Providing specialist tree care services in Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Request for free online quote and get the job done with perfectionists.

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Tree Removal Melbourne

Quality tree removal Melbourne services to keep your home and community safe. Request a free quote now or explore our offerings here.

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Tree Pruning Melbourne

Quality Tree Pruning Melbourne services for maintaining or achieving your dream landscape. Free quotes and quality tree care services.

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Tree Stump Removal Melbourne

Access the most proficient & seamless tree stump removal & grinding services in Melbourne and across Victoria. Get a free quote now.

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Highly experienced team of tree removal specialists in Melbourne – serving Melbourne and surrounding area. No matter how big or tough the tree you want removed – as a team of tree care specialist, we remove it with dexterity.

Our team comprises qualified arborists who have been providing professional tree removal services in Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Our clients love us and they have many reasons to. Get in touch with us today to discuss your tree removal requirements.

Same Day Tree Works offers professional tree pruning and tree trimming services to our clients. We provide regular pruning services to some of the most high-end properties across Melbourne and Victoria, and help them achieve their dream landscape. We will provide the same to you as well.

Tree pruning and trimming trees is a science. It is one of the most crucial aspects of tree care and landscaping. And if you are passionate about having your landscape to be pitch perfect, have our team of professionals to deliver it to you.

As a team of professional arborists and tree surgeons we have grinded and completely removed hundreds of tree stumps across Melbourne and Victoria. Our extensive experience provides the skills and dexterity to our team of tree surgeons to remove any type of tree stump in any type of property and setting.

Eliminate trip hazards and ensure a stable environment for your property improvements by removing tree trunks from your property – we offer stump removal as a stand-alone service or combined with tree removal.

As a local Melbourne tree care specialist agency, Same Day Tree Works works on many private and commercial gardens and properties delivering once - off and regular ongoing hedge maintenance services. No matter the nature and age of your hedges, we trim all.

Hedges are ideal to give privacy and even act as a fence, but to get the best out of them they need to be trimmed properly and professionally. Get in touch today to have our team of hedge experts to take care of your hedges.

With our professional branch removal services, we shape and trim trees overhanging alternate properties, gutters, or power lines in a way that doesn't affect the health of the tree, but only removes problem areas.

Melbourne is home to diverse weather and its storms are known for causing damage to properties. Though you cannot control forces of the nature, you surely hire branch removal experts and keep your vicinity safe.


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For over 15 years we have been providing a wide range of tree care and arborist services in Melbourne and regional Victoria including tree removal, stump removal, pruning, trimming and lopping services. And our high quality and personalized services have earned us a base of loyal customers who believe in our professionalism.

We are a team of trained and experienced tree care professionals and pride ourselves in offering tree care and arborist services competitive and affordable prices available around. Having served Melbourne and its surrounding areas for over one and half decade, we know the flora like the back of our hand. This provides us with the knowledge to provide proficient services to our clients.

Form quoting to having the job done, it’s a breeze with us. Get in touch for a free quote now. Read more


If you ever need medical help, you will definitely seek a certified doctor, and if your roof needs fixing or your house needs plumbing work, you always choose a licensed professional, why?

The answer is simple; you know that a certified worker can do the job safely and correctly. You can relax, as your problem is now in safe hands.

And the same goes with a tree service provider; you don’t want your trees to be in unsafe hands. Although hiring an unlicensed or uninsured tree service provider can cost you less, it comes with a lot of risks.

The job of a tree care provider involves lots of risky tasks; even a trained professional injures themselves, damages a nearby property or the tree itself. It requires a great level of experience and expertise, plus the right tools to provide a high-quality tree care service.


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We provide Tree Removal Service in Eastern & Southern Melbourne

Including Bayside, the Mornington Peninsula, Eastern, South and North Eastern Suburbs