When pruning, we consider:

  • How much of the tree can be removed without sending it into shock and harming growth
  • How much can be removed without promoting aggressive regrowth known as Epicormic growth which weakens the tree structure and causes susceptibility to limbs snapping off
  • How to prune in a manner that provides a balanced and pleasing aesthetic
  • How to apply Pruning of Amenity Trees

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Different Types of Pruning:

Canopy thinning - creates more light through the canopy of the tree via selective removal of limbs to preserve health, this is also used when a structural inspection detects a potential limb failure.

Deadwood - removes dead limbs back to main limbs. Prevents small dead branches from dropping to the ground and reduces the risk of falling limbs.

Side pruning — is used to clear limbs or canopy overhanging buildings or structures, or interfering with vehicle access.

Under pruning/or canopy lifting — clears lowering hanging limbs / branches that are interfering with vehicles, lawn mowers or people operating under trees.

Selective pruning — involves pruning a specific part of the tree that is interfering with a cable, another tree or building.

Formative pruning — is a method of training future tree growth.


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