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Tree Service in Templestowe 

Same Day Tree Works is a professional and reputable company that provides outstanding tree services in Templestowe, Melbourne. When it comes to high-quality tree care services, we are committed to going above and beyond our customers’ expectations, for an affordable price.

We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION quotes for all of our tree services. So, contact us today – we will inspect your place and suggest the best solutions for your trees.

Tree Removal in Templestowe 

Tree removal should not be taken lightly; it can be hazardous. If you have an unwanted tree or a damaged tree on your property, it’s essential to remove the tree to avoid any further danger.

We don’t recommend people removing a tree son their own; it requires experience, skill and the correct equipment. Things can go wrong and cause more damage to your property or even to a person. It is much better and safer to hire a certified tree professional to do the work. 

Call the team of professionals from Same Day Tree Works because our tree care experts have years of experience in safely removing any size tree, from any place. Allow us to do the hard work for you and avoid the mess. We will remove the tree, make sure your property is safe and clean up the debris, so it’s as if nothing happened.

Hedge Trimming in Templestowe 

Hedges and shrubs need to be maintained frequently to keep them healthy and in good shape. Hedge trimming is an integral part of every beautiful yard. 

hedge trimming service near me

Our experienced team knows exactly what your hedges need and when. Same Day Tree Work’s hedge trimming services in Templestowe will give your property a beautiful and clean look; your hedges will look incredible.

We will improve your yards appearance by removing all the dead branches, old limbs, and trim the hedges to keep them healthy throughout the year.

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