Signs that indicate it’s time for tree lopping

At a glance: Tree lopping is necessary to maintain the health and safety of trees. It’s important to consult a certified and experienced arborist to ensure the tree’s health and safety.   Trees are the bedrock of our environment, providing clean air, shade, and a home for different wildlife species. Trees are a beautiful addition […]

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Everything you need to know about tree removal in Melbourne

At a glance: Trees often must be pruned to ensure they don’t interfere with essential infrastructure like power lines. You need to obtain council approval to remove trees from private property in Melbourne. Arborists have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the proper care and maintenance of the trees.   Tree removal is a complex […]

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Is it possible for a tree to die as a result of pruning?

At a glance: Pruning can cause a tree to die if done improperly, which can result in significant damage to the tree and even death. Trees that are already stressed or diseased are more likely to die from pruning, as they may not have the resources to recover from the pruning. Proper pruning techniques, timing, […]

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