Difference between tree and hedge trimming

Tree trimming and hedge trimming are essential landscaping techniques that homeowners use to maintain and care for their gardens. Maintaining plants like shrubs and hedge applies to hedge trimming. On the other hand, maintaining huge trees is tree trimming; the correct term used by arborists for Tree trimming is Pruning. Tree Trimming and Pruning are […]

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Is spring the best time to call an arborist?

Many homeowners neglect tree trimming because they think they’re saving money or that it’s not necessary. Giving your trees a regular trim is an investment in their health and longevity. Moreover, a well-maintained landscape adds beauty and value to your property, and routine maintenance preserves that value. If you’re tempted to skip the regular tree […]

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What urgency is there during bushfire season to access tree removal services?

It’s hard to forget the tragic images of trees, animals, and houses ravaged by Australia’s most recent bushfires. Bushfires can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, and there is not much we can do to stop them once it starts. However, there are several ways to minimise the consequences and secure your property from […]

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