What urgency is there during bushfire season to access tree removal services?

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It’s hard to forget the tragic images of trees, animals, and houses ravaged by Australia’s most recent bushfires. Bushfires can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, and there is not much we can do to stop them once it starts. However, there are several ways to minimise the consequences and secure your property from bushfires when they occur.

A major reason houses burn down during bushfires is because dried and dead trees are left unattended in the yards of multiple properties. Homeowners must realise the urgency to access tree removal services during the bushfire season, as tree maintenance is key in minimising the impact of bushfires.

Trees enhance the aesthetics of your home, but dead trees in prone areas can leave you and your loved ones at risk. Dead and dying trees do not have a lot of moisture in them- they are dry, hot, and hollowed, which is why they ignite easily by the embers and allow the fire to spread rapidly.

What Kind of Trees Should Be Removed?

You do not always have to wait for it to die to remove a tree. The heavily beetle-infested or diseased trees can be removed as they will eventually die. If one of the trees in your yard is diseased, it can quickly infect the other one. The early removal of those trees prevents further infestation.

If you have difficulty analysing which trees need removal, you can always seek professional help. Having your trees inspected and removed by professionals before bushfire season can minimise the impact of a potential bushfire. Even a quick phone call to a professional can help provide you with important information.

Apart from accessing tree removal, here are some other things you can do to reduce the risk of a bushfire:

  • Clean up any pile of dried leaves and debris.
  • Get rid of weakened and dead branches.
  • Remove dead shrubs.
  • Keep your hedges trimmed.
  • Remove barks hanging from the trees.
  • Create the clearance between your home and trees by removing overhanging branches.
  • Have the diseased trees treated.

Taking care of your yard and trees can be overwhelming when you lack the knowledge and expertise, especially when there is no scope for mistakes. The best thing you can do is hire a professional tree removal company with a wealth of council and regulatory knowledge.

Same Day Tree Works is a leading tree removal company operating in Melbourne. They are a fully insured and licensed company offering affordable tree removal services across several suburbs of Melbourne. Their team has the knowledge and experience to remove trees safely regardless of the size and type of tree. They come to your place equipped with all the necessary equipment and leave only after cleaning up the mess.

If you want tree removal or other tree services, including stump removal, branch removal, hedge trimming, and tree pruning at a competitive price, get a free quote with no obligation from the Same Day Tree Works team.

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