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At a glance:

  • Every year, 20% of Australian workers suffer severe injuries or die from tree trimming.
  • You should take these six necessary safety measures while trimming the tree.

Trimming a tree may seem easy, but it is tricky and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Tree pruning is done by professional arborists who are highly trained in the field. They know what trees need and how to trim them for maximum growth with minimum harm to the tree. But if you are caught in a jam and need to trim a tree right away, keep the following safety measures in mind before you attempt.

Six safety measures you should keep in mind before pruning a tree

1.    Check The Weather

Before setting out to trim your trees, it is highly recommended that you first use a weather website. If you are tree trimming in Melbourne, use the local weather prediction app to get this information. Predicting whether the weather will be rainy, snowy, windy, or if there will be lightning can help you estimate whether or not it would be safe to trim your trees and when you should schedule your tree service.

2.    Clean Up The Area Before Trimming

Homeowners should be aware of the dangers of tree trimming. To avoid accidents and injuries, work with a professional tree trimming service in Melbourne. Also, remove all the outdoor furniture, equipment, or vehicles that might get damaged while trimming the tree.

3.    Use Right Equipment And Tools

Before you begin trimming trees, make sure that you’ve all the necessary equipment and tools at hand. It usually includes ladders, chainsaws, gloves, safety glasses, and hearing protection.

Prepare everything you’ll need beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles or unforeseen accidents.

4.    Be Cautious When Trimming A Tree Near A Utility Line

When you are trimming trees near a utility line, it’s essential to be more careful. If you’re working near a power line, you should avoid close contact with it. If you do, it could be fatal.

You should de-energise the utility lines before doing anything else. To do this, you can inform your utility company and take their help.

5.    Safeguard yourself and your surroundings

Always be sure to keep your ladder secure while working. Make sure to wear the necessary protective gear to keep yourself safe. Your feet need to be grounded, so make sure your shoes are sturdy enough to support you while climbing the ladder.

6.    Hire a professional

National data shows that about 65% of casualties occur during tree felling. When trimming trees, it’s best to hire a professional tree trimming service. They’ll take all safety precautions with a tree-trimming hazard identification checklist. You’ll also have peace of mind because they’ll use their experience, expertise, tools, and equipment to complete the job.

If you wish to get professional help in Melbourne and thinking, are there “tree trimming near me? Contact Same Day Tree Works.

End note

Same Day Tree Works provides the best tree trimming service in Melbourne. We provide affordable tree-trimming services by following all the safety measures. Because safety is our top priority, you’ll get the job done without any hassles or mishaps. Get a quote now!

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