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  • Pension discount for seniors on tree care services.

Tree care agencies in Melbourne offer various discount offers to their customers to make tree services in Melbourne feasible for everyone. Tree removal services or tree pruning in Melbourne can cost between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand or so, given the dimension of trees requiring excess work and equipment. You can get a free quote from Same Day Tree Work to know about their pricing and various tree care services across the Melbourne area.

While it is important to preserve as many trees as possible for a better environment, it is equally necessary to consider preventive measures like tree removal or tree pruning in case of dead or diseased trees. Just like human beings, trees are susceptible to changing climatic conditions and diseases caused by various pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms.

Several factors address the need for tree removal and tree pruning for the trees on your property. Overlooking dead or diseased trees has adverse effects, property damage, or even human casualty. To avoid any consequences of having an unhealthy tree on your property, the easiest and the most effective approach would be to hire trained arborists for the job. To improve the general health of your vegetation, trained arborists extend their services in making your vegetation look appealing.

Getting certified arborists and tree care personnel on the scene minimizes the risks of unmanaged tree removal and tree pruning, but it can be expensive for anyone, nonetheless. Hiring trained arborists is a noteworthy investment, and when your trees are over 60 to 80 feet, the cost of tree services can go higher. The larger your trees, the more your arborist charges to take care of your trees. Tree services can be cheaper if trees on your property are deemed valuable, such as palm trees or those with timber uses. Otherwise, you will be charged a standard price that varies from one tree care agency to another.

To make tree services in Melbourne affordable and practicable for every household, Same Day Tree Works has some discount offers for seniors. To support the senior community in taking care of their vegetation, Same Day Tree Works is offering pension discounts to seniors with valid Australian senior cards. Contact Same Day Tree Works to find out about their pension discount offers in Melbourne.

They provide a free quote to every customer reaching out to them. You only need to fill out a simple form with contact details for a free quote from Same Day Tree Works.

With affordable services, they are keen on providing comprehensible tree care services to their customers. They make the job as clean as possible. Same Day Tree Works takes care of wood chipping, fallen leaves, and removal services. In case of unprecedented accidents – despite taking every safety measure, tree removal or pruning involving heavy machinery may result in accidents, they take off every possible damage to your property. Same Day Tree Works have public liability worth AUD 20 million; they are insured against any possible accident during work hours.

If you are looking for tree care services like tree removal, tree pruning, Hedge Trimming, Branch Removal or stump removal, you can get professional help from Same Day Tree Works throughout the year. They provide the most affordable tree services; for seniors throughout suburbs of eastern and southern Melbourne including Hawthorn, Malvern, Mt Eliza, Mornington, Brighton, Mordialloc and others.

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