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We all know the value trees hold in our lives and the importance of tree care for a better ecosystem. Healthy vegetation on your property assists in making your surroundings and property look more lively and preserved. While trees are important to the ecosystem, tree care is necessary to preserve and improve the status of trees. Tree care isn’t seasonal and is a year-round necessity depending on your location and tree variety.

As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, it is in your best interest to know when the best time is to call upon tree care specialists. To avoid any possible property damages or tree degradation, it’s safer to have professional tree arborists on the scene earlier rather than later.

Winter is now here in Australia. This is typically when home and business owners ignore the care for their vegetation. Whether you need to remove a tree from your property or tidy your surroundings, winter is still a great time to get this handled. Same Day Tree Works make tree care their business, handling it with time-efficiency, professionalism and ease. Tree removal and tree pruning are still common practices in winter; here’s all you need to know about tree care during winter.

Less Work, Less Effort

The drastic fall in temperature during the winter season affects your plants. Various species of plants go into hibernation and remain dormant during these cooler months. Except for evergreen trees like pine, other trees in your property shed leaves, making it a perfect opportunity for tree care services like tree removal and tree pruning.

Throughout the winter, most trees remain leafless, making it easier and quicker for arborists to operate on them. Lack of foliage means less work. It becomes easy to cut, handle, and move branches. The overall weight and amount of the tree remains are lighter and occupy less space on trucks. Leafless trees mean arborists can easily determine which branches are considered dangerous and require pruning.

Prevention from Extreme Climatic Conditions

Extreme climatic conditions like storms, thunderstorms, and heavy winds can occur during the winter months in Melbourne. If you have a tree or damaged parts of trees that require removal, you should attend to these before extreme weather causes further damage to your property. Fallen branches can cause unprecedented damage to your property or neighbouring properties.

Minimum Risk to Trimmed Branches and Trunks

Trees can catch diseases from trimmed parts due to disease-spreading bacteria and fungus. Meanwhile, during the winter season, most disease-spreading bacterias and fungis remain dormant, which reduces the chances of disease spreading.

Minimum Outdoor Activities Help Tree Removal

Due to the wetter conditions in winter, it is likely your household and business spend most of their time indoors. As a result, this allows tree carers to handle your landscaping with ease.

Make Your Tree Spring Ready

Spring is an ideal time of the year for tree growth. The abundance of sunlight and water allows trees to sprout and grow new leaves. Removing diseased or dead parts of your trees in the late winter allows your trees to recover quickly, bringing the true beauty of spring to life. As winter comes to a close and we welcome spring, it is likely you want to spend this time outdoors after spending most of the winter months inside.

If you need tree removal services this winter, contact Same Day Tree Works. Same Day Tree Works specialise in all forms of tree care services like tree removal, pruning, lopping, stump grinding, and hedge trimming. They offer competitive prices in Melbourne and have a team of experienced, friendly & reliable arborists at your service. Get in touch today.

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