Is there a difference between tree lopping and tree removal?

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At a glance:

  • Tree lopping and removal are both sustainable methods of removing tree limbs to enhance the tree’s appearance, health, and safety.
  • One of the drawbacks is the high possibility of the growth of weaker limbs. Due to the tree’s poor attachment to new growth, it might cause issues for the owner.
  • Tree removal requires approval from the Local Council. If this is done without approval, it can result in punishments and hefty fines.

Tree lopping may be done in a variety of ways. Depending on the variety of trees, one method is more beneficial to your tree than the other. Therefore, when it comes to lopping, you must be aware of the right terminology if you want to take care of your trees and gardens professionally. Tree lopping is a sustainable method of removing tree limbs to enhance the tree’s appearance, health, and safety. If you cut down a tree in a haphazard way, it might cause long-term damage to the environment and your property. These issues can then result in further issues down the track. This might include such things as tree vulnerability to infection by insects, borers, fungus, and other decay-causing organisms after an unbefitting tree-cutting procedure. The best course of action is to hire a professional to handle your tree, be it for lopping or tree removal.

Lopping a tree is essentially the cutting of the top third of a tree. Tree lopping is used for proper tree shape modifications through the careful cutting of branches in order to train growth movement in the desired directions. It focuses on removing damaged sections of a tree that no longer grow to encourage new growth and longevity. Yet, one of the drawbacks is the high possibility of growth from weaker limbs. This could cause serious issues for the owner and their surroundings. If these problems develop further, they are more prone to breaking and causing injury or harm to the trees surroundings.

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In several circumstances, the removal of trees is a much safer alternative than attempting to save them. In order to keep a tree healthy last, proper tree removal procedures must be adopted. Tree lopping can also put a tree under stress, increasing its susceptibility to disease and decay. Pests can invade trees with open, exposed wounds, compromising their health. Proper lopping of a tree ensures that the wound is closed, preventing rot and decay from pests. If the tree’s canopy is reduced by more than 50%, the tree can lose it’s ability to grow. Therefore, one needs to be aware of these factors when deciding on proceeding with tree lopping or tree removal.

In cases pertaining to tree removal, permission is required from the Local Council. This is due to the constant breaching of local council laws in Melbourne, resulting in expensive fines. But in extreme or specific cases, where the tree on your property has fallen, is hazardous, or too small to be considered significant, you won’t require immediate permission to remove it. However, in most cases, your local council needs to be informed about tree removal in your area.

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