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Having a garden on your property adds to the beauty of your place and brings positive vibes. It also makes for an ideal playground for your kids. While having a garden in your yard has many incredible benefits, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. All plants and hedges in your yard need proper care.

Hedgerows provide a sense of privacy within your lawn and enough space to play for your kids and pets without jumping onto neighbours’ yards. Especially, hedgerow boundary keeps your side-by-side neighbours at a distance, particularly those who do not connect so well and wish not to hear/ see much from them.

As a property owner, you need to understand that hedge plants grow aggressively compared to others and could disturb your surroundings. Those aggressively growing hedges create an unpleasant scenario within your property. So, when you see an invasive hedgerow on your property, your priority would be to trim them properly.

Like most plants in your garden, hedges also require regular trimming and pruning. The best approach to manage invasive hedges would be to trim them before they start growing excessively.

The growth of hedges differs based on the soil condition and type of plant. If hedgerows find ideal soil and environmental conditions, they grow rapidly and affect the development of other plants. You can regularly inspect hedgerows in your garden to decide which needs trimming.

Plant spacing also plays a crucial role in managing your hedges. Unlike herbs, shrubs grow to a greater height and length. Before planting hedges in your yard, you can plan spacing to provide an ideal appearance. Your best option to manage invasive hedges on your lawn would be to hire professionals who can handle invasive hedges in your garden.

Trimming and removing invasive hedges requires prior experience and sometimes a team of professionals who can care for your garden without exacerbating the condition. If invasive hedges in your property have already become a nuisance to your yard, you can contact Same Day Tree Works for any hedge issues. Their team of horticulturists will work on your invasive hedges without any hassle. Same Day Tree Works specialises in hedge trimming and offers all kinds of tree care services in Melbourne. Their team has a single belief – care of your vegetation is your self-care.

Same Day Tree works not only takes care of invasive plants growing in your hedge, but their team of experienced personnel helps you maintain the hedge with desired shape and size. They work on shrubs and fruit-bearing trees using industry-proven equipment to grow naturally. You can also enquire about the species of plants that will help create a proper hedge on your property that provides aesthetic scenery and works as a solid fence.

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