Tree Removal

What are some easy ways to protect your trees from future storm damage?

At a glance Tree services for stormy days Easy tips to Safeguard Your Trees from Coming Storms Best tree care services in Melbourne Storms are detrimental to trees. Weak and young trees easily succumb to summer storms. Damaged and diseased parts of the trees are immediate safety hazards in summer for homeowners in Melbourne. You […]

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Why is deadwooding a tree a crucial aspect of tree care?

At a glance: Meaning of dead wooding Importance of dead wooding Reasons to hire professionals for efficient dead wooding Dead wooding is a surgical process of removing dead branches from trees; a tree maintenance technique involves cutting loose or dying branches that are most likely to be knocked loose during a storm or any unforeseen […]

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Tree pruning methods that you should know when caring for trees

At a glance: What is tree pruning Benefits of tree pruning Methods of tree pruning ¬†Tree pruning refers to cutting branches or twigs from a tree to achieve a specific shape and improve the tree’s health by removing parts of the tree that are damaged or diseased. The practice of pruning is common in tree […]

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What is the difference between a gardener, landscaper, and arborist, and which do you need?

At a glance: Gardeners, landscapers, and arborists care for outdoor spaces, but their expertise differs. An arborist or tree expert is not just someone who “works” with trees but rather someone who specialises in them. Same Day Tree Works is dedicated to providing professional and affordable tree care and arborist services. Which outdoor service is […]

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Tree loppers scamming house owners in Melbourne: what to look out for.

You have a tree in your backyard that has outgrown its previous pruning and is taking up too much space. Or you may have a beautiful garden with trees that need some maintenance. You mean to find an affordable tree removal service but have yet to be able to put it on your top priority […]

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