What are some easy ways to protect your trees from future storm damage?

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Storms are detrimental to trees. Weak and young trees easily succumb to summer storms. Damaged and diseased parts of the trees are immediate safety hazards in summer for homeowners in Melbourne. You should be focused on protecting your trees against future storms to avoid damage of any kind. Homeowners can follow these easy tips to safeguard their trees from coming storms.

Tips to Safeguard Your Trees from Coming Storms


Prune Your Trees for a Healthier Status

Tree pruning is an effective approach to keeping the limbs of the trees healthy and strong. Regular pruning helps to get rid of damaged, dead, and weak tree limbs. Damaged and diseased branches of trees are at greater risk during storms. Aggressive and unplanned tree pruning can invite more harm than good. For proper tree pruning near the Melbourne area, you can consult with the team of arborists at Same Day Tree Works. They provide affordable tree services across the Melbourne area.


Add Support to Young Trees

Adding support to young growing trees is highly rewarding. Homeowners should consider adding stakes to young vegetation in their gardens. This will support the trunks of trees to stay rigid and firm during strong winds. Protecting the trunks of trees is a way to save weak trees from falling during storms. Using stakes to anchor your trees can help trees to stand rigidly when a storm strikes. This approach is highly effective for weaker and younger vegetations.


Plant Trees Less Susceptible to Storms

Though all kinds of vegetation are vulnerable to strong winds, some are more susceptible than others. While planting trees in the garden, homeowners should figure out if the tree is the closest safety hazard during storms. Trees like Pines, Willow Oak, and Bradford Pears (the most common garden trees) are likely casualties of strong winds. Some species of Live Oaks, like Sand Live Oaks, are highly resistant to storm damage.


Carry Out Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance helps in improving the overall health of your trees. You do not need an arborist’s degree only to carry out regular maintenance. Basic tree maintenance, like regular watering and mulching, can be enough to improve the health of your trees. Watering and mulching aid in the proper growth of your vegetation by providing them with enough food and keeping the roots and trunks of the trees healthy and strong.


Get a Free Quote Today

Tree pruning can be the first line of defence for your trees during harsh climatic conditions, but trees beyond repair must be cut off before the storm arrives. If there is a way to save your damaged trees, Same Day Tree Works’ arborists will work accordingly and given the need for tree removal, they will neatly and harmlessly remove the trees without leaving any form of debris for your to clear later.

Why should homeowners hire Same Day Tree Works?

Same Day Tree Works provides affordable tree services in Melbourne. Their team thoroughly examines your vegetation before operating on them. As experts in tree services, Same Day Tree Works’ arborists know which tree requires pruning, trimming, or removal.

Same Day Tree Works addresses all kinds of tree care needs across eastern and southern Melbourne, Victoria. Their services are easy to call upon, and you can get a free quote within a day of inquiry. Same Day Tree Works have a team of experienced arborists who have been serving Melbourne and its surrounding for years.

They are friendly to work with and are well-versed in many dynamics of tree care services for Melbourne. With affordable tree services from Same Day Tree Works, your families can enjoy the sunny days to the best without having to worry about your dead or diseased trees and the consequences of having them growing on your property.


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