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You have a tree in your backyard that has outgrown its previous pruning and is taking up too much space. Or you may have a beautiful garden with trees that need some maintenance. You mean to find an affordable tree removal service but have yet to be able to put it on your top priority list. Some friendly face knocks on your door saying they are tree loppers Melbourne has been loving. They can do the job in a couple of hours and be out of your hair in no time. It seems convenient, and there is little to no hassle of getting quotes, bookings, or more, and the person is standing with the equipment right in front of you. What could go wrong with tree lopping? It is just some trimming of branches, isn’t it? If you agree, you need to think again!

Here are some essential points you must consider:

Lack of Training

The tree loppers Melbourne prefers are professionally trained to do their job. The job is not to trim branches but to beautify, to make sure the tree is not a hazard, and treat it as needed, at the very least. A novice tree lopper can pose a risk to your property and your neighbours as well.

Increased Risk

Someone who is not trained will merely make cuts, and usually, those cuts will be positioned incorrectly. Arbitrary tree trimming could increase the danger, cause more harm to the tree, and do no good to the house owner. Occasionally, a person may believe that they are lowering the risk posed by the tree, but the effect may be the opposite.

No Insurance

It’s important to make sure that any tree removal you hire in Melbourne has insurance to protect both their business and your property. These so-called “instantaneous” tree loppers are most likely to have no insurance. It can leave property owners vulnerable if something goes wrong with their labour. Make sure you ask them for proof of insurance, insurance covered, types of insurance and whether it is current and in good standing.

Zero Responsibility

No quote is given or accepted in writing. No bill is raised. Payment is in cash, and there is no cash receipt issue. Thus, in case a problem arises a few days down the line, there is no way you can contact them. In such a scenario, what is the assurance that they will do their work with utmost sincerity? If they are genuine, why won’t they register as a tree removal service provider in the first place? Once they are off the premises, their job is done, and now the responsibility is all yours.

Major Red Flag

No registered company with properly trained staff will knock on the doors in search of work. The doggy loppers accept cash either upfront or will cut the tree to demand payment in the middle of the job. The property owner will have no option other than to comply with the demand (or the tree might fall and cause server damage).

Green Waste Disposal

The uncertified and shady tree removal service providers will be unable to assure that the services will be of standard quality. Furthermore, they must ensure they will responsibly dispose of the green waste.

In some tree removal incidents, the shady loopers have thrown the green waste on front verges and, in some cases, on the adjacent neighbouring properties. Customers who want the debris removed need to pay more or make alternate arrangements. So, how cheap are these “cheap and instant” services?

False Alarm

Members of such scammy tree lopping services in Melbourne frequently inform customers that otherwise healthy trees are unhealthy and must be removed. You can end up removing trees that do not need to be removed. It takes years to nurture a healthy tree, and destroying it for no good reason is hurtful to you and nature.

In Summary 

A registered company complies with all the rules and regulations. At Same Day Tree Works, we abide by the standard procedures and guidelines to keep our customers safe. We train our staff and ensure that all our equipment is in the best possible condition. We not just prune and loop but also ensure that the debris is cleared out responsibly. We leave the premises with the assurance that the promised service has been delivered responsibly. If you have been considering hiring one of the finest tree loppers Melbourne has, feel free to get in touch with Same Day Tree Works today and GET A QUICK QUOTE.

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