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Tree removal in Melbourne and Victoria can be quite tricky as protects trees the local council protects trees. Different panels have different tree preservation regulations and standards. Despite this diversity, most localities in Melbourne and Victoria require people to apply for a permit before performing major tree work. If you plan to get a tree removed from your property, you might need permission from the council. Breaching any local council policies may lead to hefty fines and punishments.

However, not all trees require permission, and the rules depend on the species of the trees, the tree’s situation, or if it is unsafe for human life or property.

Good reasons to remove a tree for council application

If you have a valid (and authorised) cause, getting council authority to remove a tree from your property may be a relatively simple procedure. Local authorities, on the other hand, are more likely to allow petitions to remove trees that are fallen, dead, hazardous, or the ones that represent a fire threat. Trees that are within 3 meters of your house or pool, trees that are less than 3 meters, and trees that obstruct the installation of a boundary fence will all be permitted for removal by the council.

However, the council will reject your application without even considering it if the reason isn’t sufficient. A council’s priority in Melbourne and Victoria will always be the tree, and they will try to save the tree first.

Here are the two best reasons to get council approval for tree removal:

Dangerous: This is the best reason. If a tree is dangerous, the council is always concerned about the tree, but they also don’t ignore the danger to human life. If you mention on your application or notice that if anyone gets hurt or killed because of this tree being dangerous, the council will be responsible for that, it should be enough to get the go-ahead to remove it.

If it is a dangerous tree, it should be removed. If you have kids who play in the yard near trees, you can mention that, as no one wants to endanger kids. Even if the tree is slightly leaning, you can mention that too.

Dead: If a tree in your backyard has died, you do not need approval from the council to remove it. However, you should not knowingly poison your tree just to get rid of it – it is illegal. Just know you can remove the tree if it is dead.

Here are some other risks that are dangerous and need immediate attention are:

  • damaged root systems
  • visible soil heave or crack
  • root decay
  • trees damaged by a storm
  • defects like splitting branches

The council can take legal action if you are found guilty of making a false report on the tree’s condition to get rid of it. The final step is hiring professionals to perform the tree removal service. Doing it yourself can be very risky. If you are looking for tree removal services in Melbourne and Victoria, contact Same Day Tree Works. They efficiently work with any type and all sizes of trees.

How do I know if the council protects my trees?

There are a couple of ways to find out if the tree in your yard is protected. First, check out the local laws for tree removal in your area. Secondly, get in touch with a local and verified arborist and ask them if the tree can be removed.

The second option is preferable as the local tree service providers have more information about the rules and regulations. As I said above, you will need a licensed arborist to make a detailed report for you. It is also the best option for your safety to work with the local tree service providers.

Will the council remove the tree for me?

Though you have to get permission from the council for tree removal, they will not remove any tree on your personal property – the irony. The only trees the board will remove if damaged are in public areas, such as parks.

Once they give you the approval, you will have to hire an arborist around your area and get the tree removed.

If you are looking for one in Melbourne, Same Day Tree Works is it. They are the best in the business, local, experienced and insured – what else do you need? They specialise in all forms of tree work, including pruning, lopping, removal, stump grinding and hedge trimming.

Requesting tree removal council approval

The first thing to do when starting the tree removal process is to talk to your local council. You can get all the information you need from them – the types and sizes of trees that require removal permits in your locality and how to apply for a tree removal permit.

When applying for permission, you may need to measure your tree. You also need to identify the type of tree and sketch your property to let them know where the tree is located.

After you submit your application, it will be reviewed by council members. A council officer may come to inspect your tree. Once approved, you will get a permit in writing.

Steps involved in applying for a permit

  1. See if you require a permit to do the tree work you want on your property. To do so, go to our local council rules guides, which will lead you through all you need to know about applying for tree works authorisation from your council. Do inform us if your area isn’t included in our guidelines so that we can enhance our service and walk you through the process. You may contact us via our Same Day Tree Works website or on 0434 527 141.  Alternatively, you may visit your local council’s website to learn about all the rules and regulations that apply to the trees at your house or business.
  2. Gather all of the information that your council requires. The information required can vary but can be obtained on the council’s website. Most guidelines will ask you to answer questions regarding the tree’s size, location, condition, tree species, and fire zones, as well as identify any applicable limitations, such as vegetation overlays or the significant tree register. Most tree removal applications will also require a Pro Arborist Report, which will help validate the correctness of the material and give a more in-depth examination of the tree and proposed tree operations.
  3. Send your completed form, together with the arborist report and the processing money, to the address provided. The wait times for these applications range from a few days to a few weeks. As a result, wait until you have obtained confirmation from the council before scheduling any tree repair.
  4. After you have obtained consent from your city council, step 4 is to schedule tree work for your property. For this, you shall connect to us and get your yard, garden, road blockage or anything hazardous fixed in less time.

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