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Trees don’t just help our environment; they can also significantly boost the appeal of your home. Additionally, trees have even been proven to help improve our health and lower anxiety.

Many people love having trees around, but with age and other factors like weather and disease, the health of your trees may start to decline. The earlier you spot the problem, the safer you are. Keeping your trees healthy is an essential part of house care.

Several tree-related symptoms indicate the problem in your tree. We sometimes mistake overlooking the symptoms and assuming they will recover independently. When trees seem damaged, they need your help to stay in good condition.

One of the best things you can do for your trees is contact Melbourne’s best tree service providers to take care of them.

But how do you know if your trees require professional attention? Well, here are some tips:

Root damage

When you start the tree inspection, begin from the ground and look at the trees’ roots. You have to check the roots carefully, especially if you have done construction or excavation around the area.

Look for heaving ground, severed roots or signs of decay. The roots are probably decayed if you spot mushrooms around the tree’s origins.

Heavy leaning

When an old tree is leaning heavily to one side, almost making a 70-degree angle, it is time to remove it. Especially if the tree is in your yard, it could fall into your house or road.

The more dangerous it looks, the more you consider hiring a professional tree service provider like Same Day Tree Works. If a young tree is leaning, it might just need support to promote upright growth and a healthy root system.

Broken branches

Another vital sign that your tree needs professional care is branches that have broken altogether, leaving an area exposed. Weak branch unions with the trunk are a sign of trouble that may be reversible with pruning and may help your tree recover.

Finding branches on the ground after a storm is quite common, but that sort of damage can be hazardous without the right treatment. Make sure you check the condition of your trees after harsh weather.

Tree cracks

You should also take a look at your tree’s truck. See if there are two or more deep and excessive cracks in the bark. It’s likely that your tree is sick or dying if there are symptoms. One more symptom to watch for is if there’s any hollow or completely missing spot of bark in the tree’s trunk. These are cankers and can be a sign of disease or decay if not taken care of.

If you have spotted one of these signs in your tree, immediately contact Same Day Tree Work for affordable tree services in Melbourne. They are an experienced and insured Tree Removal Company whose aim is beautiful yards and happy customers.

With all these issues, you might be thinking that getting a tree removed is the only option available. However, you would be wrong. A damaged tree does not always mean it’s time for that tree to be removed entirely.

The question is – how do we know which parts of a tree may need to be removed?

First, inspect your trees, and look for any signs of these signs that a tree on your property should be removed:

The main trunk might be cracked or broken – when this happens, the tree becomes weak, and it needs to be removed most of the time.

A large branch has split from the tree – if a co-dominant stem has broken, it may lead to weakness and decay in the tree. If more than 50% of the tree is dead or damaged, it should probably be removed for safety reasons.

The tree is leaning – when you see a tree bending in a hazardous way, removing it is the only way to keep yourself and your property safe.

Exposed roots or other root defects – if you see exposed roots at the bottom of your tree, it can be because of root decay and eventually lean. Also, if you notice any fungi growing near the roots, this is a sign of root issues.

If you don’t see any of these signs on your tree, the right care will help you restore a slightly damaged tree.

If you see the lower trunk and roots of the tree are strong, and the problem is only on the branches, pruning can be a great way to save your tree.

Here are some signs that your tree needs pruning:

Broken branches – if any of the branches, besides the main ones, are broken or cracked, it’s time to call experts in to prune your tree.

Branch Density – too many branches on your tree are blocking the light, leading to the yellowing of leaves. Also, they are more likely to catch in the wind, which can cause further damage.

Wandering branches – Wild and unmanaged branches that have reached your home or are tangled near powerlines or wires can cause excessive damage to your property.

During the tree pruning, dead, dying, and diseased branches are removed not to affect any other parts of the tree. Issues like yellow leaves or falling leaves can also be solved easily with some pruning.

Before deciding what to do with the tree, it is a great idea to schedule an inspection with the best tree service professionals in Melbourne – Same Day Tree Works.

People tend to enjoy trees in their yard until they invest in tree services – they like the greenery but don’t want to take care of them. This is why most people choose DIY for tree removal or any other tree services. But is it worth it? You might save a few dollars when you choose to remove a tree by yourself, but you risk getting injured or damaging your property.

Tree removal is not something you have to do frequently, so it is best to hire a professional to remove the tree.

Here are some benefits of hiring a tree service company for residential tree removal:


Safety comes above everything else; tree removal service providers are trained to do their job safely. They have the right equipment and resources to remove a tree no matter what it is. Removing a tree by yourself can be dangerous; the risk of falling or getting injured is high, along with the tree falling to your house and doing more damage.

Post Removal Cleaning

Tree removal is not only about cutting the tree, and there is so much to do post removal. When a tree is removed, it has to be disposed of; after removing a tree yourself, you will have to either clean the yard sidewalk yourself or hire people for tree disposal and cleaning. You won’t have to worry about any post-removal processes by hiring one service provider.


Professionals will complete a tree removal much more efficiently than you alone can. With modern tools, tree removal takes much less time and effort. Tree removal can be exhausting for you, and you might not even finish doing it in a day. Tree care experts know what they are doing and how they should be doing it to keep the process efficient.

Saves Money

Most homeowners think that hiring tree service providers will cost them more money than worth, which is a myth. When removing a tree by yourself, you need to bear the cost of equipment, disposal, and cleaning while also making an effort to remove the tree.

If you get injured or your house gets damaged, that is a whole different story. Think wisely; hiring an arborist is cheaper than removing a tree without properly knowing how to do it.

Lastly, if you have a diseased or damaged tree, don’t try to handle it by yourself. Instead, contact a reputed tree removal company that will safely remove the tree from your residence.

If you reside in Melbourne, Same Day Tree Works – the best tree removal services provider in Melbourne, can help with tree removal and other tree services like branch removal, tree pruning, stump removal and hedge trimming.

Contact Same Day Tree Works today to book a tree removal service in Melbourne! They offer these services at the most affordable price in Melbourne. Their experienced team will help you figure out what is best for your trees, no matter what type or size of tree you have in your yard. If you need tree pruning, tree removal or any affordable tree services in Melbourne, contact Same Day Tree Works now!

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