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Spring is here, and it’s time to get active in the garden, sprucing it up and making everything look beautiful. And nothing speaks to a well-tended garden like beautifully trimmed and shaped shrubs and hedges.

While it’s also time to think about pruning your trees, trimming your hedges and bushes will promote healthy garden plants while also presenting your garden in the best light.

So how to trim your shrubs and hedges to make sure they grow well and enhance the beauty of your yard. Here is some professional advice to help you with trimming.

Timing for trimming

Winter is usually the best time to trim plants. This is when they are dormant, and for deciduous trees and shrubs also means the branch structure is visible, and it’s easy to decide which branches to trim. While dormant, trimming cuts heal faster, and there is less risk of disease, which is good for the health of the tree.

However, there are some instances with flowering plants where you need to adjust your trimming plan. If your tree flowers in spring, trim it after the flowering is completed in the spring. If they flower in summer, trim during winter or early spring.

The best time to trim for hedges is once in spring and another at the end of summer. If it’s a flowering hedge, trim it after the flowering is complete. Hedges can be trimmed more often depending on how fast they grow, and it just means more work for you.

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How to trim a tree without damaging it?

Now you know the best season to trim, but what’s the proper way to do it? Always remember trimming is the best way to maintain the natural distinct shape of the tree. And trimming on your own can be a risky job – if you are not careful enough, you might damage the tree.

You need to make a plan before you start trimming the tree. It’s best not to remove more than 25% of the foliage at any time. If you detect damage to the branches, you can get rid of them. To raise the crown, you should only cut the lower branches that are growing towards the ground.

While trimming a hedge, the base of the hedge should be trimmed wider than the tip so the light can reach all the shrubs.  Always use pruners for larger branches, as it gives proper hand control and you can trim precisely.

Use the appropriate tool

There is always confusion about whether to use electric or manual tools when it comes to trimming tools. The major difference is electrical tools are faster, saving your time and effort. They are best suited for larger branches or regular shape hedges.

Manual tools are slower but give you excellent control. When there isn’t a large area to trim or hedges need to be trimmed in an unusual shape, manual tools are better.

If you are confused about which tool to use, always go with the tool you feel most comfortable with.

Hire a professional

Hiring an arborist is always a safe option if you want to keep your tree in great shape. They will get the work done efficiently, ensuring your tree looks good.

As different tree species need different types of care, an experienced arborist will know when and how to trim the tree safely. They will even give you advice regarding how you can take proper care of the tree.

Moreover, they have full insurance in place to ensure any damage is fully covered in an unlikely event of an accident.

If you are looking for a professional and affordable tree services in Melbourne, contact Same Day Tree Works. With a team of experts, they will take care of all your tree trimming for you.

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