Is stump removal an included service under the tree removal offering? Make sure you do your fact-checking!

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Trees can offer significant benefits for any property. They add aesthetic appeal, enhance air quality and even increase the property’s value. So, ultimately, planting a tree and taking care of it is an investment in many ways.

However, people often ignore this responsibility, and they don’t take enough time and energy to maintain their trees. This ignorance can lead to tree sickness, property damage and an overgrown, unattractive look.

If you have trees on your property, you might want to consult a tree service for your needs. Most people are often confused if stump removal is included in the service under the tree removal offer.

No, stump removal is not provided as a part of the tree removal service. The tree removal process typically includes taking the tree down, cutting the wood into logs, and cutting the stump as close as possible to the ground.

Unless you would like to pay extra for this service, you will usually be left with a stump in your yard. However, sometimes you can get a discount for stump removal while hiring a tree removal service, so make sure you talk with the tree care company about it.

Regarding the cost of stump removal, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as the diameter of the stump and its location. Also, the removal of a rotting stump can be a lot cheaper than removing a healthy, strong stump.

What you get from basic tree removal services

Generally, when you hire tree service providers to have a tree removed, you get a core service that removes most of the tree. They will take down the branches and the majority of the trunk.

However, this quote doesn’t necessarily include going deeper than this. The tree will be removed almost to ground level, but the stump will still be there.

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How extra tree removal services work

Tree removal takes specialist skills and equipment, and stump removal is a different kind of job. They require different equipment and abilities.

A service provider may not include stump removal in a tree removal offering, but you can add this as an extra. Stump removal is done after the tree is taken down, and if you are willing to get it done, it will cost extra.

How to assess what you need

Getting your damaged tree removed is essential while taking out the stump might not be. It is common to leave stumps in place. Once the main parts of the tree have gone, the stump will eventually die.

If the stump isn’t going to bother you, you could opt for standard tree removal. But you need to know; that stumps can also attract termites and other pests and even obstruct drainage systems on your property. They can also make lawn maintenance even more challenging as one has to traverse around the stump, and it can be an eyesore on your property.

To know more about what you need to do, ask Same Day Tree Works for advice. They will help you will all your queries and give you a free quote.

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