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Apart from the many environmental benefits, trees play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your house and surroundings. Of course, one of the challenging parts of growing trees around the house is keeping them in good condition. It may not sound intuitive but removing dead branches from your tree helps it in so many ways.

Think of it like a haircut. You will lose some hair, but the shape of your hair looks better. It also reduces the chances of hair damage while making the rest of the hair look thicker and shinier!

Often people let nature take care of the dead branches. However, it’s essential to remove dead branches. It reduces the chance of trees being damaged while helping them look and grow better! And the best part is that pruning deadwood can be done at any time of year.

If the dead branches are too large, you should consider consulting an expert arborist so that you don’t damage the tree or take unnecessary safety risks.

Some of the benefits of removing dead branches include:

Tree health

Dead branches invite unwanted insects and diseases to any tree. Many trees, particularly younger and healthier trees, can self-heal and prevent the entry of insects or disease by sealing off the dead branch and growing fresh bark.

However, this healing can take time from months or years, depending on the size of the limb and the age or health of the tree. The longer it takes, the greater the chance of the tree becoming diseased or suffering insect damage. By removing dead limbs, you can shorten this healing process.

Keep the tree safe

Dead branches can be dangerous, particularly if they are larger. Falling tree limbs can cause serious injury or death. They can also cause property damage.

Small dead branches might not be too much of a concern. However, if the branches are larger, their weight can also cause damage to healthy branches or the tree trunk. This can cause severe damage to your tree, so if you see a dead branch, picture how it will fall. Will it hit good branches on the way down? Is it in an area where people might be at risk? If there is a chance of someone being hurt, property being damaged, or other branches being damaged, you need to remove the dead branch safely.

Increases the beauty of the tree

Pruning/ trimming a tree helps keep it healthy and maintain its natural shape. Removing dead branches is also a part of pruning – it makes the tree look better. A tree with no dead branches always looks well managed and better than a tree with many dead branches.

As the dead branches are removed, new branches start growing, which further enhances the beauty of the tree.

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