Emergency tree services, that are a threat to safety, are considered essential

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Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem; apart from providing oxygen, they also provide us with shade and help to increase the beauty of our properties. The trees in our yard help keep the areas cooler and give oxygen for a more pleasant environment.

However, there are certain occasions when a tree poses a significant risk to the people and land around it. Due to massive storms or lighting, trees can get damaged and create obstacles on a road, power line or even your property. Sometimes the tree gets sick, and there is always the threat of a dead branch or tree falling, damaging your property or injuring a person.

This is why an emergency tree service is considered essential to help in your emergency situation. A certified and well-trained arborist or professional emergency tree service will always make the best choice for you and your property to keep it safe.

So, why is emergency tree service essential, and when and why should you get a professional tree service?

After Storms, Heavy Rain or Snow

Storms, heavy rain or snow are common in many parts of Australia, and a tree is much more vulnerable during such weather. While we are inside our homes feeling safe, the trees in our yard need to defend themselves from the harsh weather. If a tree is old, weak or damaged, it won’t be able to withstand the heavy storm, rain or snow. The branches can get cracked, or an entire tree can fall, causing lots of damage to the property nearby.

If the fallen branches are small and in a safe place, you can get rid of them by yourself. However, sometimes situations are different; huge trees/branches can fall and obstruct the road. So, before you dive in to remove the tree, make sure you check if any electrical lines are damaged. Call for an emergency tree service to avoid further damage and safely get the fallen tree removed.

Even if your tree doesn’t get affected by the bad weather, it’s always better to inspect the tree for any sorts of crack or damage after a heavy storm, rain or snow.

Damaged or Sick Tree

Damaged or sick trees are always a threat to the people and properties around them. The tree might look good from the outside, but you never know the inner condition; even light winds can break down a tree if it’s already damaged from the inside.

If you don’t know if the tree is damaged from the inside or not, how can you prevent the consequences? As human beings, when a tree gets sick or damaged, it shows some external symptoms like dead/crack branches, fungus, brittle or peeling bark, yellowing leaves, and uneven foliage.

If you ever notice such symptoms or find a tree is leaning in a way that it didn’t before, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Act before it becomes costly – Emergency tree services are always there to prevent a hazard and make sure the branches and trees don’t fall on structures or passersby.

So, if you ever run into such a problem where you need urgent help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Same Day Tree Works for the best emergency tree services in Melbourne. A team of our highly experienced arborists will be ready to help you.

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