Tree Pruning

The significance of soil management in promoting healthy trees

At a glance: Soil management improves water retention and soil nutrition value and enhances soil structure. Soil management includes soil testing, fertilisation, aeration, mulching, and pruning. The relationship between soil and trees is like that of nails and flesh. Soil is the primary source of water and minerals for trees. If the soil condition in […]

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Advantages of formative pruning for tree growth and health

At a glance: A formative pruning technique is used to guide the growth and development of young trees. It may seem simple at first glance, but formative pruning requires careful planning. Formative pruning increases sunlight and air circulation, promoting healthy growth and reducing the risk of disease. Importance of tree growth and health As a […]

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How to properly replant and care for new trees after tree removal?

At a glance: Proper replanting of trees after removal involves selecting the right tree, preparing the soil, and finding the right location. Caring for new trees requires watering, mulching, fertilising, and pruning. When you have a dead or damaged tree in your backyard, consider removing the tree to ensure safety and prevent property damage. Once […]

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Why it is crucial to identify the tree species before tree removal?

At a glance: Tree removal is an important part of nature conservation and can help prevent the spread of invasive species. Despite the fact that the tree may be on your property, the decision to remove it may not always be yours. Additionally, safety is a major factor when determining what trees can be removed […]

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The role of fertilisation and watering in maintaining healthy hedges after trimming.

At a glance: Sufficient watering is important to keep hedges from dying after trimming. Apply water to trimmed hedges regularly, but avoid overwatering. After hedge trimming, the plants require additional nutrients to heal and grow back healthy; fertiliser provides the necessary plant nutrients for hedges. For growing strong and healthy hedges after trimming, time watering […]

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